Tiramisù! A delicious, and likely the most famous, Italian dessert! What most people do not know is that tiramisù, translated directly, means “cheer me up!”  And who couldn’t this incredible dessert cheer up?!

This luscious piece of heaven is said to have been born in the region of Veneto in north Italy, specifically at the restaurant called “Le Beccherie”.  And while I have had the pleasure of tasting this exquisite treat many a time, I have never actually prepared it, until this past weekend that is.

It is funny how small our world truly is. When I first moved to Italy in the Fall of 2008, I met a girl named Stefania Radice.  Her father, and my friend Gary, both kept their boats at the marina in Solcio di Lesa, and were jolly old mates. Every Sunday, we’d find ourselves at the boat, sipping prosecco and basking in the warm Italian sun.

As time passed, lives moved on, and Stefania and I lost touch, but in the spring of 2016, Stefania and I were reunited when she and her husband Francesco came to live in New York City where my husband and I had been living since spring of the year before.

Here we were, in New York City, together again, nearly 10 years later!  It was quite surreal, and truly a blessing.  Neither of us had family nearby and being able to spend time together perhaps aided in letting us feel a little closer to home.  It seemed only natural to spend a day like Easter Sunday together, being the closest thing to family, alone with our husbands and my two small children, in the Big Apple.  And it was Easter Sunday, that Stefania and Francesco gifted us with their tiramisù, and along with it, the recipe.  And here it is. Enjoy!



500g mascarpone

4 egg yolks

80g sugar

1/2 shot of rum (sweet)

4 egg whites

18-20 Lady finger biscuits (Savoiardi is the brand I used)

a bowl of brewed coffee

cocoa (I used Fry’s Premium Cacoa)



In a big bowl, add mascarpone, egg yolks, sugar and rum.

Stir til smooth.

In another bowl, whip egg whites until firm.

Unite the bowls, a bit at a time.

Mix well.

In a flat bowl, pour coffee.

Set up a 3-step station: first a bowl of lady fingers, then the bowl of coffee, then a casserole dish (9×13 inch, but a bit smaller or bigger would work just as well).


Take a lady finger, dip one side, then dip the other side in the coffee and place in the casserole dish.

Continue until there is an entire layer of lady fingers which covers the bottom of the dish, breaking a couple if necessary to fit.

Then add a layer of the cream mixture.

Then sift the cocoa.

Repeat the last three steps.

The layers should be:

  • cocoa
  • cream
  • lady fingers
  • cocoa
  • cream
  • lady fingers
  • bottom of dish

Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.


E voila! Tiramisù!

For visual instruction, please refer to my one-minute video above!




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