A 4th of July in Good Company

Yesterday, we endulged our senses and spent a lovely Fourth of July in excellent company, eating and drinking merrily as we chatted and played with our wee ones. Accompanied by their dear friends who have been visiting from England, Photo Jul 04, 8 14 49 PMwe passed the holiday with the Heaths, our friends here in New York, eating lunch, visiting a carnival and celebrating this ever so patriotic day.  The evening continued at their place, watching the fireworks display.  It was beyond amazing.

Photo Jul 04, 8 19 51 PMOur hostess with the mostest, Fiona, not only charmed us with her contagious laugh and bubbly persona, but she also graciously welcomed us into her home, making us feel like family, treating us to some culinary treats, all in theme of course.  We listened to music, watched the fireworks, sipped cocktails and laughed the night away.  It was perfect.

About those treats… Mmm! Mmm!  Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the most delightful of cocktails!  With gin and Earl Grey tea as its principal ingredients, it was certainly more British than American, I’d say. With freshly squeezed lemon juice, tonic water and Elderflower Cordial, it made for one smooth and delicious cocktail, and I’m not even a gin fan!

Photo Jul 04, 8 15 17 PM
Smoked salmon & dill blinis.  Simply delightful! 
Photo Jul 04, 8 22 43 PM
Salmon skewers with roasted vegetables
Shrimp cocktail (the extra spicy seafood sauce with exceptional!)

Along with all these wonderful dishes, there was also a refreshing goats cheese & pomegranate salad, bbq pulled pork sliders, mini hamburgers, jalapeño poppers and to top it off, 4th of July cupcakes!  To say it was a feast is an understatement.  Drinks flowed and good times were had.

But take away the good food, the delicious drinks, the spectacular view and the evocative ambiance, you are simply left with six people, each one from another place, each one with a story, each one there to celebrate the independence of a country that didn’t belong to any one of us, but it was a celebration nonetheless.  As one of the chaps mentioned earlier in the day, “we also celebrated July the 3rd!”  

And why shouldn’t we?  May every day be a day of celebration! May every day be passed with good food, good times and most of all, good friends.

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