Growing up in small town Ontario, Canada, I was always the little girl who dreamed of seeing the world. Always wondering what was beyond my backyard, beyond the town limits, beyond Ontario, beyond Canada. I knew early on that my life would take me to all sorts of places. How could it not with such a naturally-born burning desire to know more, see more, learn more about everything beyond my own backyard.

By age 14, I had chosen to attend a Catholic high school in London, Ontario, catching a 6am bus, traveling over an hour collecting students along the rural paths of Middlesex County, to be able to experience something new, something more, something bigger than my little town of Strathroy.

At 20, I crossed Canada in a Volkswagen Jetta, to be able to see my country, and to experience life in the Rocky Mountains of Banff, Alberta. By age 24, I was back across the country, a newly branded university graduate and settled in the metropolis of Toronto, living the fast life. I barely remember my twenties. They must have been good though.

I didn’t stop there. At 28, I packed up and moved to Europe, setting up shop in the little town of Arona, Italy, on breath-taking Lake Maggiore, in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. There I met my husband and we started our family. I was there for seven years, and thought I would spend the rest of my life there. But as life does, it threw us a curveball. A job opportunity for my husband would lead us to New York City and there we would rest, for now at least.

At this very moment, I am on a flight directed to South Africa. It almost feels like a dream. It could be the wine. Actually, it could be because I had envisioned a nightmarish flight with my two small children and here I am, sipping a delicious Cab Sav, cozied up in my blanket, writing this post, uninterrupted. Magic. I must be dreaming. Then again, I am only on hour 2 of 15 to Johannesburg; I should give it some time before I gloat.

But all jokes aside, it IS a dream to be able to bring our family halfway across the planet to have such a worldly experience. Where we live in New York City, it isn’t unheard of for families to make such adventurous voyages; on the contrary, it is actually quite common.

But I come from the real world, a middle class family from small town Ontario. It just isn’t that common. And for this, I am so very grateful, to be able to truly and wholeheartedly appreciate these blessings, to be able to see the world, to have the opportunity to meet such amazing and diverse people, and call them friends, and to live in an itty bitty New York City apartment, and LOVE it, because it’s ours, and because it’s in the BEST damn city in the world.

Now, having said all that, let me get to what I came here to say: I’M ON VACATION, PEOPLE!!!!!! Hahahahaha! So no recipes, no videos for 3 weeks! I’ll do my best to bring you the sure-to-be fantastic flavors I shall come across along my African adventure; that I do promise. But I am going to take a step back, take it all in, smell the roses, breathe the air and live this African dream.

Peace out!✌🏼

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